Welcome! Each new day (well, maybe not every day!) brings a new photo. No textures, nothing fancy; just what I see through the viewfinder with a little judicious cropping. My goal is to get better and better at this thing called photography. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Turkey Vultures.


  1. Hello Claudia,
    I popped over to visit this blog.
    what a great idea.

    You write that you live in Hertford.. I thought it was in the UK. but these birds certainly dont live there..so I guess you live in America!
    I have never seen these birds before.
    We learn something new each day.

  2. Wow - amazing shot. We used to have a lot of these flying near our house in CA. Some students from the university were doing research on them and discovered that the turkey vulture, for protection, can vomit a stream of vomit onto you from a distance of 5 or 6 feet. Scary thought - but effective I guess - the students kept their distance after that.

  3. I have seen them at a park about 45 minutes from here, but never up close. (except in a zoo). Usually they are soaring way up in the sky. Love this shot!