Welcome! Each new day (well, maybe not every day!) brings a new photo. No textures, nothing fancy; just what I see through the viewfinder with a little judicious cropping. My goal is to get better and better at this thing called photography. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013



  1. It looks as gloomy there as here. We don't have the fog, but we are very over cast and dark. I love this picture! It is so strange to think about it being Dec already. Where did Nov go? But it does seem way to early to get these kind of days! I haven't had my camera out much all weekend and it is driving me nuts! But at 3 degrees I am not sure how much I really want to get out. lol.

  2. Catching up on all your pictures on this blog. I love them! I get them in my e-mail, but i also wanted to make sure that I look at your blog also. E-mail is o.k, but I know you put work into this blog and I want to make sure that I go to see what you have new and be able to let you know how much I apprieciate your camera work. Isn't photography fun!Love it!